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People rush around because they do not know where they are going. He who knows where he is going, goes slowly, to savor the arriving

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Gloria Fuertes

Relevant information

Relevant information

Sos Vos is created to accompany teenagers in a crucial moment of their lives. The changes they face are dizzying and constant in a highly technological environment which demands new skills. They also face a high level of job uncertainty and at the same time going through the transition of an educational paradigm: the traditional method of teaching no longer meets today’s needs.

There are many symptoms which show the needs young people have to be accompanied in the process of their personal development.

Here is some key information about the environment we work in.

Mental health affected post COVID

In October-November 12% of teenagers felt depressed and 24% was anguished. 65% said it was hard not to be able to do activities they used to do (UNICEF, 2020d).

Substance use

The starting age for alcohol consumption is 13.4 years old. 62.2 % of adolescents have consumed during the last year and half of them have done so in a risky manner. The average starting age for marihuana consumption was 14.6 years old (Sedronar 2017).

Lack of life-project

9.2% of 16 and 17 year olds do not study nor work. (Survey of children and adolescents EANNA 2017).

Suicide rate

In Argentina, in the last 12 months, 21.6% of 13 to 15 year olds have seriously considered the possibility of committing suicide (13.0% boys and 29.3 % girls) versus 16.9% in the 2012 survey. When taking into account those who attempted suicide at least once during the last 12 months, the percentage was 15.5% (10.4% boys and 19.9% girls). ( Health and Social Development Ministry 2019b).


Argentina is one of the two countries with the greatest amount of child cyber – harassment crimes in all Latin America.

We believe that this difficult context is a unique and valuable opportunity to come up with proposals which can accompany and strengthen their well-being.

The skills and resources which this initiative promotes in students are: perseverance, self-confidence, assertive communication, decision making, attention, critical thinking, self-care, search for goals and planning. These socio-emotional skills, also called soft-skills, are essential for young people to be able to join the working world or continue with their higher education when finishing high school.

By the end of this programme adolescents will have incorporates a model for decision making which will allow the to develop a genuine life project which is aligned with their identity .