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Eduardo Galeano

Work team

Work team

Educational psychologist, family therapist and Mindfulness instructor from AMT (Academy for Mindful Teaching- Eline Snell Method). Enables and transmits from her experience, personal and professional training, tools for individual and institutional change and transformation, provides training to incorporate emotional education and mindfulness in the classroom. Gives workshops and talks on aware parenting oriented to families in search of greater personal and familial well-being. Works in fields which are searching for a change of paradigm in education.

Doctorate in Education and Society from (by?) the University of Barcelona, Master in International Educational Policy from Harvard University and specialist in Education Management from Vanderbilt University (Humphrey Fulbright Fellowship). Has worked in investigation, teaching and education improvement processes at San Martin University. In recent years she has specialized in teacher training and educational assessments across the different levels.

Professor of Educational Science, UNLP ; postgraduate degree in Investigation Methodology CICE Di Tella; has taken courses in Equity, Quality and Leadership in Education Socio – Economic Policies for Child Rights with Equity, Economic Research Foundation; Strategic Choices for Education Reforms Washington DC, The World Bank Institute; Master in International Institutes Management; Regional Course on Planning and Formulation of Educational Policies IIPE UNESCO. Was Provincial Planning Director in the Culture and Education Department of the Province of Buenos Aires; Specialist in Education Unicef Argentina (2000 – 2015); Secretary of Educational Assessment in the National Education Ministry. Currently is dedicated to academic activity and counseling governments and institutions. Has great experience in executive duties in international agencies and governments related to the design and implementation of socio-educational programmes, planning, monitoring and assessment in the public policies field. Author of many publications ( journals?)

Educator specialized in creating learning experiences that increase the well-being of people. He carried out experiences for more than 30,000 users around the world, in face-to-face and virtual formats. Graduated from the Philosophy degree at the University of Buenos Aires, he is finishing his Master’s thesis in Education at the University of San Andrés. In addition, he trained as an actor with the best theater teachers in Argentina, and as a self-taught musician. This journey allows you to create learning experiences aimed at improving the quality of life of people of all ages, in very diverse contexts.

Secondary level teacher and Bachelor of Business Administration. He is currently developing his thesis for the Master’s Degree in Education at the University of San Andrés. He has served as a companion in the learning processes of management teams and teachers from various educational institutions, both public and private, and at the primary and secondary level. He has been a trainer of trainers for years, on topics such as teacher well-being, school climate and institutional culture. He has extensive communication skills to generate bonds of trust and security.

Graduate in Psychology with postgraduate studies in Focused Therapy, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness. He specialized in Emotional Education and Well-being at the University of Barcelona. He works as a youth and adult therapist and provides training workshops for parents. He advises educational guidance teams and performs interventions with high school students. He is a consultant for companies and organizations where he empowers his teams based on the Lego Serious Play methodology. He is passionate about promoting human development and is committed to generating experiences where people recognize the resources to achieve it.

She is a doctor specializing in Child Neurology from the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2011 she has been searching for other medical paradigms, studying Ayurveda at Maimonides University and Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, India. Currently, in addition to working with patients, she is a teacher in the fields of health, education and business, a member of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology, is part of the Gratefulness foundation and is co-founder of compassionate motivation.

She is an Educational Master Coach, specialized in Leadership and Ontological Design and has a degree in Labor Relations from the University of Buenos Aires. She has extensive experience in educational institutions, promoting skills in adolescents that allow them to project themselves and resolve conflicts through dialogue and with a comprehensive view of situations. She currently works as General Coordinator of the ECO Educational Coach Civil Association, facilitating training programs for Trainers, and is a teacher accredited by ICF and AACOP to train future Ontological Coaches Prof.

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She is a professor of education at the University of Virginia. She received her Ph.D. (PhD) in 2004 at the University of California Davis. Before graduating with a degree in education and human development, Jennings studied Buddhism at the Naropa Buddhist Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and later founded a Montessori school where she taught meditation in the late 1980s. Early in her career, Jennings she spent more than 22 years as a teacher and school principal.

Industrial Engineer from the National University of Colombia. Specialist in project managing. She is a PMP® certified with extensive experience in control and project management with more than 15 years of experience in Process Consulting. From a personal search for well-being in 2018, she trained as an Ontological Coach at the Protagonista de Cambio foundation. Since 2020 she has been working at the Vivir Gratecidos Foundation where she was trained as a Facilitator of the Presence program and is currently part of the Operational team that accompanies the educational programs of the foundation.

Master in Business Administration from the University of San Andrés. She has extensive experience in multinational companies, especially in auditing. In 2017, she joined the team of the National Ministry of Education and continued with a personal search that brought her closer to the Vivir Agradecidos Foundation, where she has collaborated since 2022.

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