Sos Vos

Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference

mine and unique mine and unique

Robert Frost

What "Sos Vos" is

What "Sos Vos" is

The program

“Sos Vos” is a programme to empower the life projects of adolescents and youth. It provides a model for conscious decision making aimed at adolescents in their last two years of high school (o Secondary education) which would allow them to enhance their life projects.

We put it into practice together with school role models who are motivated and wish to acompany their students in that very important moment of their lives. By using talent already available in the schools, the role models will have both the theory and practical skills needed to put the “Sos Vos” workshops into practice along with the active, dynamic and “participativo”spirit which characterizes these workshops. When one sees “Sos Vos” in action in the classrooms, students and teachers become more active, enthusiastic and conected while they live through a process which is extremely significant in the last stages of schooling.

Sos vos invites
students to:

Turn off auto pilot and …


Discover tools which can be used in everyday situations


Connect with the present moment


And empower their life project

Vision, mission and objectives

Vision, mission and objectives

Our vision

We believe in adolescents (teens/ teenagers) who are protagonists of their own lives, who make concious original decisions , which have a positive impact on their own well-being as well as in their interactions with others and with the environment.

Our mission

Promote an innovative programme aimed at forming high school educatores so that students in their last years may aquire socioemotional resources and a model for concsious decision making which strengthens their life projects.

"Sos Vos" aims

Promote socioemotional skills and a model for conscious decision making in highschool students to strengthen their life projects in sync with their originality, with a positive impact on their well-being, surroundings and environment.

How it is implemented

How it is implemented

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Canvas ParaMi¡RE!

Name and last name ¿Sos vos? ParaMi¡RE!


We design a chart which they will complete to synthesize the individual learning process during the 8 workshops.

What are you asking yourself?

The option which brings you closer to who you want to be

Emotions and body
What do they make you feel?


Socioenvironmental Impact

What makes you think?

Who do you become with each of these options?

Commited actions
Which are the next steps ?

With the school role models…

The process begins with an intensive training of the role models of each institution by members of the Sos Vos team. It consists of three complete in- person training days in which they can experience the significance, the dynamics and the activities of “Sos Vos”.

Once they are trained, the role models will be able to carry out the programme in their schools as they will count with the following:

With the students…

SOS VOS was designed to be implemented in schools in two important moments or stages

The workshops are two hour long weekly session.

The programme counts with a formative evaluation of input and process as well as a results evaluation. Students and enablers can access these evaluation devices through the learning management platform.

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With the referents
With the students
3 face-to-face intensive sessions
8 workshops to incorporate the decision-making model
10 decision-making model practice workshops
Virtual platform and resource kit
Weekly virtual supervision meetings
Monitoring and formative evaluation of process and result

To obtain a high level of teenager’s involvement we use innovative and mobilizing methods:

  • Use of RAP as an artistic mediation
  • Games as a vehicle for learning
  • Emotional development dynamics
  • Thinking routines
  • Collaborative learning activities

Each meeting brings new proposals where the teenagers can give full rein to their body, mind and creativity.

The second part of the programme consists of 10 workshops to keep on practicing the Model for Decision Making where they will be working on topics such as:

Make Decisions regarding:

  • My future studies
  • My preparation for the job world
    – Professional digital identity (CV)
    – Personal presentation
    – Job interview
  • Growth mentality.
  • Communication skills.
  • Collaborative work.
  • Time management.
  • Relationships and well-being
  • My contribution to the world.



This programme follows a simple yet powerful model for conscious decision making, with emphasis on the socio-emotional skills. It invites us to:

Stop: We shall stop and realize who we are being, define the questions we face, and pay attention to our thoughts and emotions.

Look: We shall identify our values and personal strengths so as to be able to analyze possible reactions and responses.

Go: We shall choose the response which is most aligned with our identity, generating actions committed to our social and environmental surroundings.

We have called this STOP – LOOK – GO model: “ParaMi RE!”

ParaMi¡RE! Can be implemented in two different time dimensions:

Content which is relevant to develop the model of conscious decision making shall be worked on through the three pillars of this model.

During these three moments we will explore a range of skills we consider vital for each adolescent to be able to make decisions, list committed actions and self-motivate to put them into practice.

Table of contents


Integrity as a way of being: mind, body and heart. Attention as a substitute role in the learning process. Neuroscience and self-awareness: strategies of self-observations and self- regulation.


How we perceive reality: mental models. The importance of personality strengths in the development of life projects. Social consciousness as the lens to see reality.


The impact of our decisions on our identity. Motivation and productivity as motors for committed actions. Gratefulness as the key to happiness.

During these three moments we will explore a range of skills we consider vital for each adolescent to be able to make decisions, list committed actions and self-motivate to put them into practice.

Socio-emotional Skills Map

Pro social attitudes – Communication – Creativity – Metacognition




Critical thinking


Search for goals