Sos Vos

Sos Vos a program to empower the life projects of adolescents and youth.


Adolescents with conscious decisions

We believe in adolescents who are protagonists of their own lives, who make conscious decisions based on their uniqueness, thus having a positive impact on their own well-being as well as on their interactions with others and with the environment.

Through a process specially designed according to their needs and ways of connecting, Sos vos provides adolescents in the last two years of highschool with a model for conscious decision-making, so that they can strengthen their life projects in tune with their originality, with a positive impact on their well-being, conditions and environment.

What does Sos Vos offer?

Sos Vos proposes to adolescents a conscious decision-making model that promotes socio-emotional skills to strengthen their life projects.


We will stop and realize who we are being, define challenging questions, and pay attention to our thoughts and emotions.


We will identify our values and personal strengths so as to be able to analyze possible reactions and responses.


We will choose the response best aligned with our identity, generating actions  committed to our social and environmental conditions.

Sos Vos?

Adolescents and young people in Argentina feel challenged when choosing their life project: it is not easy to orient themselves and make good decisions in the world that opens up to them today.

Changes are rapid and constant in a highly technological environment that constantly demands new skills. They also face high job uncertainty, while going through an educational paradigm in transition: the traditional way of teaching no longer fits what they need today.

Given this scenario, there are many symptoms that reflect how much they need new spaces for reflection and personal development. For us, this difficult context is a unique and valuable opportunity to think about proposals that can accompany them and strengthen their well-being.

How it is implemented?

The process begins with an intensive training of the role models of each institution by members of the Sos Vos team. It consists of three full in- person training days in which they can experience the significance, the dynamics and the activities of “Sos Vos”.

To achieve a high level of involvement from adolescents we use innovative and mobilizing methodologies:

Each meeting brings new proposals where the adolescents can unleash their body, mind and creativity.

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With the referents
With the students
3 face-to-face intensive sessions
8 workshops to incorporate the decision-making model
10 decision-making model practice workshops
Virtual platform and resource kit
Weekly virtual supervision meetings
Monitoring and formative evaluation of process and result